Health Cost IQ Launches Brand New, Innovative COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard

March 31, 2020 at 7:00 AM

Health Cost IQ (HCQ) is pleased to announce the introduction of a brand-new dashboard into its premier Health Data IQ Suite: The COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard. This new and very timely dashboard was designed to enable organizations of all types and sizes such as employers, health plans, public school districts and consortiums, and other fiduciaries be able to quickly identify members who are most vulnerable to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Following World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on COVID-19 and its characteristics, this new dashboard utilizes proprietary, sophisticated risk stratification algorithms and working in conjunction with the highly regarded Johns Hopkins ACG® clinical grouper to identify and stratify those within any given population who are at greatest risk of serious illness, complications, and death from COVID-19.

According to the WHO, certain populations are at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19, including older adults, people who have serious chronic medical conditions such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Lung Disease, High Blood Pressure, and Cancer. These characteristics form part of a comprehensive set of criteria that informed the requirements for this new dashboard. The dashboard consists of five analytic categories:

  • Elderly at High Risk
  • Elderly with High Hospitalization Risk
  • High Resource Use Patients
  • Patients with Frailty
  • Patients at High Risk of Readmission

Organizations can use the new dashboard to segment their populations in order to identify and prioritize those at highest risk of getting very sick, visiting the ER, requiring a critical care or ICU bed, or being hospitalized due to COVID-19. This information can help fiduciaries and mangers of populations of all sizes to allocate attention and resources where it’s most urgently needed. Our new COVID-19 dashboard will enable the quick identification of high-risk populations with the following characteristics:

  • Elderly
  • Frail
  • Multiple comorbidities
  • Multiple, complex medical conditions based on diagnoses and/or medications
  • Conditions more likely to result in hospitalization
  • Other risk factors

Once a client knows the characteristics of their highest risk population due to COVID-19, they can use these insights to:

  • Engage and support high risk members, patients, and families to help protect their health
  • Develop and/or refine their organization’s emergency preparedness plans
  • Budget and plan for a potential increase in ER visits, urgent care visits, hospital visits and increased ICU stays
  • Estimate the disease burden of a known population and plan for potential local community impact
  • Allocate resources within clinical settings, including within on-site and walk-on clinics
  • Develop or support the expansion of telehealth services
  • Estimate the financial impact of high-risk populations should they contract COVID-19

To learn more about Health Cost IQ’s new COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard and to schedule a live demonstration of its features and capabilities, contact or call (800) 526-3540